Tuesday, March 20, 2007

stop projecting your crap onto me

too many people say 'douche'. i remember a few years ago, when i lived in arcata, these artist peeps i hung out with would say "weak sauce" and "awesome sauce" and "by this i mean that" you know and what else.... but anyway, i thought they were making that stuff up themselves, like i thought it was their little inside lingo but then i realized that like ALL cool/social people under 30 were saying that stuff. like there was really nothing ORIGINAL about it. oh yeah. and being all about 'irony is awesome'
last night i was watching a STUPID sitcom, really, called how i met your mother and all the people on that show are SO stereotypical of what is supposedly "cool" (or whatever word you wanna use) right now. seriously? all the girls on that show remind me of raymi. do you think that show bases the lives of its characters on raymi's blog or what? allyson hannigan even looks like raymi, now. (actually, people always say i look like allyson hannigan.)

what it's really all about is that there isn't much originality out there or even possible anymore, is there? everyone is copying everyone else and that is what culture is all about. this has been argued in so many arenas.

anyway. yeah. no. i'm sorry. "eff you. i love you i hate you k bye"