Friday, March 23, 2007

this is MY life

i have a memory of when i worked at the bank and i had a customer, an older guy, observe that when i used the 10-key/number pad on my keyboard i kept my pinky finger sticking up in the air. he pointed it out and he said that it was "SICK" haha. i thought that was really funny. i just thought of it because when i was trying to use my mousepad just now, in order to not have my pinky finger sticking up i had to consciously curl it up and hold it down. it must be a physiological thing or else it has to do with my being a generally high strung? i guess person. i guess that guy just thought it was a sign of insanity or something? probably. or else he thought i did it because i was like ULTRA-feminine but i have often had people say i was prissy and that was annoying because it is just the way my body is designed that makes me look that way. my UNCLE looks that way too cuz HE looks like my grammie. i remember one time i saw myself on video when i was in high school and i thought i looked WAY prissier than i pictured myself to be.