Thursday, March 22, 2007

frelling swell

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i am up late again. haven't been reading my book. need to finish it. am close to the end. i drank a whole bottle of wine today but never felt drunk or even buzzed, i don't think. i was sipping it and it took like six hours or something. nothing compelling has been on television tonight. roseanne barr and heather mills on leno. too many effing commercials, man! they are so annoying. but anyway, so is heather mills, kinda. i guess especially cuz things didn't work out between her and paul, but what do i know about that? nothing.
anyway. fudge. i am gonna have to do something. i don't feel tired at all. stupid stupid not feeling tired. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

when i went to the store to buy a new bottle of wine for three dollars, crane lake petit shiraz... yeah baby. i only took change with me cuz other than that we had a C-note or a card and i hate using either of those for small purchases, don't you?
anyway, i felt like a total wino buying a bottle of wine right before the store closed with a bunch of nickels, dimes and quarters.
at least i am confident when counting out change from working in banking for seven years. yee frickin haw.