Wednesday, March 28, 2007

there's that angry mob again

this is some college art class assignment from '93 it was supposed to be something organic next to something geometric or abstract. juxtaposing color with no color or something like that. i never liked it in the first place. why i still have it, i do not know. i have saved a whole bunch of art stuff from previous classes and will most likely be entertaining you with it in the very near future and for some time, perhaps. might as well, is what i figure. maybe it will help spark some urge in me to create something. i'm feeling quite.. um... dry(?) at the moment...
early evening sun is blaring through the livingroom window. it illuminates all the dust particles that are stirred up when anyone moves. the wind keeps rattling the shutter on one window. it creaks and pops it sounds like the clock ticks. my laptop whirrs. i feel agitated. the baby is crying. she's tired and so are we. she sounds like a cat howling.

i'm having a glass of wine. it's petit syrah i guess. i thought it was shiraz. i get confuzed over such things.

i drew this almost fifteen years ago.