Saturday, March 31, 2007

is this about books or about me?

okay, i need to get this show on the road here regarding the fave books list. this is really starting to drag out.

the next book that molded my impressionable young mind was The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation. i found this in the library when i was looking for the tibetan book of the dead, partly cuz julia roberts was reading it in the movie flatliners. also my dad had read it. the book has a really good forward and commentary by carl jung. sometimes, i have wondered tho, if because i was depressed and isolated that delving into esoteric knowledge may have further exacerbated my situation... without the aid of a supportive community or sangha. probably. it's a good book. i wish i had a copy right now.

at about this same time in my life i enjoyed reading a lot of psychology stuff, esp. i was interested in freud, that crazy mofo. i used to sit in the library during lunch in h.s. and read his books. i particularly enjoyed his Interpretation of Dreams. i've had an ongoing interest in freud and wrote papers about him in a lot of my different classes when i was in school.

i've mentioned anthony de mello's book the way to love, recently. well, another great book by him is awareness. my dad also read that book, i think he thought HE was the one who found it, but he wasn't. for the rest of his life after he read that book he would always say, whenever people were having problems, "read Awareness. it's all in there." he was like a broken record.

i found the wisdom of insecurity at this little used bookstore i used to haunt called yesterday's books. i just liked the title of the book and had never read anything by alan watts before. WHAT A BOOK! i have been a die hard alan watts loyalist ever since. he is my favorite. everything i read by him or have ever heard by him is right on. SPOT ON my brotha! alan watts is the man! (not the bad man, the good man)

when things fall apart has helped me through a lot of crap. i should be reading it again. i've owned two copies of this book. actually i've owned several copies of many of the books on my list. i think that's amusing. pema chodron has a very disarming style of 'preaching' she's really just talking about things we all go thru and the feeling that we all go thru it somehow makes it seem okay.

well, it looks like i'm at the last book!
there are so many more wonderful books... but these are the ones that i am talking about so i cannot dwell on the ones i'm not talking about. i love books.
i should be a librarian.

i'm counting the way to love as a book. or if you want i can come up with one more.