Thursday, March 22, 2007

thanks for your concern

i made cornish game hens and brown rice with carrots and celery and i used that thai green curry simmer sauce. it smells really good.
a bunch of girls are outside yell-singing the song from Mulan by Christina Aguilera. that was funny. now they have stopped.
i tried on some jeans that used to be baggy on me less than two years ago... before the pregnancy... argh. can't even get them buttoned. i can't even picture myself being that skinny.

to me there is only one answer. increase physical activity. depression makes that tuff. lack of medical insurance is a prob. too depressed to fill out apps and shit or even THINK about any kind of REAL thing like filling out forms or having to LOOK for a job to apply for or any kind of productive activity is just out of the question to me.

i didn't buy any wine at the store today.