Monday, March 26, 2007

it really wasn't like that. yes, i had read the post... thought maybe i'd enjoy that author, always on the lookout for interesting novels because i usually have no interest in them.

the real truth IS: i was sitting in my art class. the teacher and another student were talking about this author and how that movie was out now and they have read that book and also the one that i have now finished: Dry.

i mentioned that i would be interested in borrowing one of those and the next thing i know my teacher shows up with Dry. i didn't specifically ask for that one, it could've been the other one (running with scissors) but this was the one that she got access to first.


i just feel like i have been so insulted and misrepresented, and it doesn't really sit well with me, and so i ruminate over it. like What the....? how? why?

the book was pretty good. it brought back some ill feelings from my past re: alcoholism/death. i really enjoyed the author's use of the simile. some of his comparisons are just like, "yeah... but how did you come up with THAT?" i can't find any right now tho. sorry. but anyway. similes are cool i want to start using them more, but sometimes i'm like, "why does something have to be like something else? why can't it just be what it is?"