Sunday, March 04, 2007

i guess it's fashion week

i love the whole concept of fashion. artistic focus is the best thing, man. appreciation of the cutting edge. this is a concept! you are supposed to be inspired by it.
i went by the video store this evening to see if there was anything good to rent, but there really wasn't. i want to see marie antoinette some day but not enough to reserve it (it was checked out). the video store lady is kinda strange. she hates men. she always seems to comment about how i got a chance to get away from the crazy man insinuating that all women obvs. hate their signif. other. anyway, i just laugh and say "yeah haha" i dunno. she like got up close and personal with me this evening. she sort of like had her arm around me and had her face like two inches from mine. maybe she's a lesbian and she wants me? i think i do remember her making a comment one time about me looking nice. haha.