Friday, March 09, 2007

i am flawed

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my nearly one-year old daughter is playing in the shredded paper from my mom's shredder. she is having fun.

i think one of my main motivations in blogging is to interact with other people. i don't necessarily want to build real relationships, because i don't understand relationships in real life as it is, let alone trying to understand people i've never actually met. i definitely do not desire to bring more conflict and drama into my life, i have a hard enough time with my own life problems as it is, thanks.

i want to blog. but i don't want to have hurt feelings and i try to avoid hurting other people's feelings and i am sorry that sometimes i hit enter before my brain has really had time to know what i just typed. i've got to try to stop that, but you know.... there is a lot of ambiguity on the web, isn't there? and a lot of jumping to conclusions.

whatever. i forgive you if you forgive me. i hope.